1. foxadhd:

Pizza Princess 


    Pizza Princess 

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  2. Help I’m listening to Deerhoof

  3. I dunno, just laying face down on the couch and waiting for some baby boomers to die, I guess

    — Millennials, when asked about plans for the future (via alwaysfaithfulterriblelizard)

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  5. z2z2z:

    i know that i am basically the scum of the earth and deserve nothing but bad things (not), but i have decided to turn anonymous off for good. if you want to send me any more extremely dehumanizing and triggering messages about my personal life and general existence even though you don’t know anything about me, that’s too bad, i guess. loves ya

  6. I just picked up some new music

    Azealia Banks’ 1991

    Chelsea Reject’s Radi-8

    Deerhoof’s Offend Maggie

    La Roux’s self-titled

    The Low Anthem’s Smart Flesh

    Woodkid’s The Golden Age

    TLC’s entire discography

  7. canadian-asian:

    The Red Fox Shiba Inu


  8. waltergropius:

    I officially endorse “Scarborough Fair” as a song worthy of a sexy makeout playlist

  9. zooborns:

    Snapping Turtles are first born in any zoo or aquarium

    Eight Northern Australian Snapping Turtles hatched at the National Aquarium are the first of this species ever hatched in any zoo.

    Read more about this monumental birth at Zooborns.